A Peek at my Top 10 Kitchen Items

Today, I’m inviting you into my kitchen.

I‘m sharing my most utilized tools, and why I love them.


I started cooking about 11 years ago when I first moved to New York City. I rented an apartment in Harlem with two roommates, and lived right off of the 125th Street 2/3 train. When I would exit the subway, my guilty pleasure was to stop by Marshall’s to see what kitchen or home goods were on offer. I started to build my kitchen supply box, testing out this pan and that pot, and this spatula and that ladle.

Last year, I got married. My then-fiance (now husband) patiently sat next to me on the couch while I filled out our registry on crateandbarrel.com. Each package that came found a new home in our kitchen and elevated our cooking game.

Over the past 11 years living in New York City, I’ve accumulated a fair amount of kitchen utensils and gadgets. With each move, I’ve given some away, and after reading The Life Changing Magic by Marie Kondo, I’ve focused intently on only keeping things that “spark joy.”

The following items not only spark joy for me, but are used on an almost daily basis. If I were better at writing reviews, they would all receive 5 stars. I hope they make an appearance in your kitchen as well!

Chef’s Knife


This is my go-to knife. It is a Shun (Japanese) Chef’s knife, beautifully made and makes preparing food a joy. I bought it at Williams Sonoma after trying out a few western and eastern knives.


Paring Knife


A paring knife is a great addition to a Chef’s knife if you only have two knives. It’s great for cutting hard cheese, cutting seeds out of jalapeños. Mine is a Wusthoff (German), also from Williams Sonoma.


Cutting Block


This beauty was from our registry from Crate and Barrel (thanks Michele and Josh!). It is slightly elevated which makes it easy to cut on, and is beautiful for serving food as well.


Cast Iron Skillet


We use this bad boy for searing steaks, frying up potatoes, kimchi bacon fried rice, roasting chickens – you name it! We’ve also taken it camping and thrown it on the campfire. It is DURABLE and VERSATILE.




These Oxo tongs are my most utilized kitchen tool. Veggies? Chicken? Spaghetti noodles that I want to transfer to a sauce? I especially love that the tongs are non-stick and will not scuff your cookingware.


Fish Spatula


Bon Appetit suggested this tool and I have not regretted it. The fish spatula can turn over delicate fillets like a pro, and is great with eggs and anything else that needs flipping.




I bring this tool with me regularly to tutorials. It’s wonderful for grating lemon zest or hard cheeses like Parmigiano. It really is beyond the capabilities of your average grater.


Silicone Over-the-Sink Drying Rack


After I read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I knew we needed a different drying rack solution. Our friends Will and Grace (yes, that’s their real names) had one in their kitchen…and I can’t sing its praises enough. It rolls up conveniently, and the dishes drain straight into the sink which helps avoid standing water and mold. It saves so much space!


Dutch Oven


These Le Creuset Dutch ovens have seen me through so many braises, soups and winters. They are my go-to dinner party cookware. When the guests arrive, I’ll often transfer the pot from the oven straight to the table for serving.


Steak Knives


These knives are a bit of a luxury. Thanks to our registry and our dear friend Daniela, they live permanently on our dining room table. Wusthoff has made a sharp, elegant steak knife that doesn’t have a massive handle and blade like many others. It makes our dinners a classy affair.


So there you have it! I’d love to know – what are YOUR favorite kitchen goods? Leave a comment below on the blog – I’d love hear about it!

4 thoughts on “A Peek at my Top 10 Kitchen Items”

  1. This list is amazing and your photos are gorgeous! Totally agree on the Oxo tongs being most used. Love your LC colors and yes, that’s a beautiful chopping block 🙂

    1. Hey Lynda, thanks for checking out the post! My friend just bought it on Amazon after reading the blog post this morning. I highly recommend it!

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